Jiangxi Jovo Energy Co.Ltd(605090) : Citic Securities Company Limited(600030) verification opinions on the fluctuation of Jiangxi Jovo Energy Co.Ltd(605090) stock price before the release of trading information

Citic Securities Company Limited(600030) about Jiangxi Jovo Energy Co.Ltd(605090) before the release of this transaction information

Verification opinions on stock price fluctuation

Citic Securities Company Limited(600030) as Jiangxi Jovo Energy Co.Ltd(605090) (hereinafter referred to as “listed company”)

Company “,” company “or” Jiangxi Jovo Energy Co.Ltd(605090) “) intends to provide new sources, Li Wanling and other 53 Sichuan Yuanfeng Sentai

Shareholders of Energy Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sentai energy”) issue shares and convertible corporate bonds

Bonds and cash payment to purchase 100% shares of Sentai energy held by it, and plans to invest in no more than 35 specific investors

The independent financial adviser of the issuer to raise matching funds by issuing convertible corporate bonds (hereinafter referred to as “this transaction”) checked and issued the fluctuation of the listed company 20 trading days before the release of sensitive and important information of stock price

With verification opinions.

1、 Stock price fluctuation of listed companies

In order to avoid the abnormal fluctuation of the share price of listed companies and effectively maintain the investment value, listed companies plan asset restructuring

For the interests of investors, according to the relevant regulations of Shanghai Stock Exchange, after applying to Shanghai Stock Exchange, the shares of listed companies shall be

Trading will be suspended from January 4, 2022. The stock prices and prices of listed companies during the 20 trading days before the suspension of trading

Cumulative of the composite index (Code: Ping An Bank Co.Ltd(000001) . SH) and the wind utility index (882010. WI)

The increase and decrease are as follows:

The 21st trading day before the suspension of stock index (the last trading day before the suspension of 2021 (the closing price on December 3, 2021) and the closing price on December 31, 2021)

Share price of the company (yuan / share) 38.85 35.17 – 9.47%

Shanghai Composite Index 360743363978 0.90%

Wind utility index 401727431881 7.51%

Excluding the impact of market factors, the rise and fall was – 10.37%

Excluding the influence of the same industry sector, the rise and fall was – 16.98%

Within 20 trading days before the trading suspension date of the listed company, the market factors and the same industry shall be excluded

The stock price fluctuation affected by sector factors does not exceed 20.00%, and there is no abnormal fluctuation.

2、 Verification opinions of independent financial advisor

After verification, the independent financial adviser believes that:

Excluding the influence of market factors and industry sector factors, the stock price of listed companies increased by no more than 20% in the 20 trading days before the disclosure of the suspension announcement.

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(there is no text on this page, which is the signature page of Citic Securities Company Limited(600030) opinions on the verification of Jiangxi Jovo Energy Co.Ltd(605090) stock price fluctuation before the release of this transaction information) sponsor of independent financial adviser:

Hong Tao, Yang Bin

Zhao Wei, Zhang Tianliang

Citic Securities Company Limited(600030) mm / DD / yyyy

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