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Performance summary: see the list of surge shares in the first half of the year in advance! The valuation of blue chip stocks in these sectors fell to a nearly four-year low

The first quarterly performance report of A-share listed companies is in full swing. Some companies can’t wait to start publishing the semi annual performance of 2022, which has attracted the attention of many investors. Whose performance is better than expected, and who will explode the performance thunder? How to tap the investment opportunities

stock performance summary:

first half performance surge list (attached)

Statistics show that as of May 23, 13 companies have released performance forecasts for the first half of the year. The type of performance forecast shows that 8 companies are added in advance, and the proportion of good news companies is 61.54%; There is one company whose performance is expected to decline. Among the performance prediction companies, according to the median increase of expected net profit, there is one with a net profit increase of 50% ~ 100%. Specific to individual stocks, yongtaiyun expects the highest increase in net profit. The company expects to achieve a median net profit of 940161 million yuan in the first half of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 53.47% Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(002422) , Guoneng Rixin estimated that the median year-on-year growth rate of net profit in the first half of the year was 45.00% and 30.50% respectively, ranking the second and third.

U.S. stocks plummeted a stocks did not follow the valuation of blue chip stocks in these sectors fell to a nearly four-year low

Statistics show that the median earnings ratio of 51 stock markets in the digital economy sector of the A-share market is less than 35 times, and the median earnings ratio of 50 stock markets in the low-carbon sector is less than 26 times. The valuations of the two sectors are relatively low, both lower than the average p / E ratio of the sector in the past four years.

There are 31 stocks with the latest valuation approaching the lowest P / E ratio since May 22, 2018, including Beijing Sinnet Technology Co.Ltd(300383) , Cgn Power Co.Ltd(003816) and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation(688981) , China Mobile, etc. in the low-carbon sector; Take China Mobile as an example. The current valuation of the company is 12 times and the lowest price earnings ratio is less than 11 times.

Further, among the above 31 shares, only 10 companies have unanimously predicted that the net profit will increase by more than 20% in 2022 and 2023. Among them, there are 4 low-carbon stocks, including Centre Testing International Group Co.Ltd(300012) , satellite chemistry, etc; There are 6 digital economy stocks, including Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co.Ltd(002049) , Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co.Ltd(002236) , Iflytek Co.Ltd(002230) , etc. The performance of Wingtech Technology Co.Ltd(600745) , Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co.Ltd(002049) , which is expected to increase significantly this year, almost all of the net profits of the two companies increased by more than 50%.

Shenzhen Infogem Technologies Co.Ltd(300085) the performance behind diversification is erratic accruing goodwill impairment of 132 billion yuan attracted attention

On May 20, Shenzhen Infogem Technologies Co.Ltd(300085) responded to the inquiry letter of the annual report of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Previously, the company was asked to explain the reasons and rationality of the significant decline in relevant business performance in 2021, the reasons for the large amount of goodwill impairment accrued by Yimei softcom, a holding subsidiary, in 2021, and whether there was a situation of cross period profit adjustment by using goodwill impairment

industry performance summary:

computer industry weekly: optimistic about the policy driven main line and high performance, and determine the direction

The current valuation of the sector is at a low level in recent years. It is expected that in the future, with the gradual passing of the epidemic and the implementation of policies and projects in some fields, the structural market of the computer sector is worth looking forward to. We believe that this year, as the second year of the 14th five year plan, more informatization and digital construction projects will be accelerated from this year. Combined with this year’s macro environment, we are relatively optimistic about the direction of digital government, digital village, informatization of central enterprises, infrastructure it and so on. In addition, from the perspective of marketization, industrial Internet, smart cars and other fields have high growth momentum, which also deserves the attention and attention of investors.

brief review report on national defense industry: the year when the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform ends military asset securitization is expected to accelerate

Grasp the main line of aviation equipment investment, and military electronics has high independent and controllable growth. 1) The contract liabilities of the main engine factory + the verification of the advance payment, and the growth of the aviation industry chain will continue to be realized. The performance transmission is effective. From the main engine plant and engine system, to the body system and parts, and then to the upstream raw material sector, the whole industry chain has strong momentum and certainty. The main engine manufacturer pays attention to Avic Shenyang Aircraft Company Limited(600760) , Avic Xi’An Aircraft Industry Group Company Ltd(000768) , Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Co.Ltd(600316) , Avicopter Plc(600038) , Aecc Aviation Power Co Ltd(600893) ; The body system pays attention to Avic Electromechanical Systems Co.Ltd(002013) , China Avionics Systems Co.Ltd(600372) , Aecc Aero-Engine Control Co.Ltd(000738) , Beijing Beimo High-Tech Frictional Material Co.Ltd(002985) ; Attention to aviation forgings and parts Avic Heavy Machinery Co.Ltd(600765) , Wuxi Paike New Materials Technology Co.Ltd(605123) , Guizhou Aviation Technical Development Co.Ltd(688239) , Xi’An Triangle Defense Co.Ltd(300775) , Chengdu Ald Aviation Manufacturing Corporation(300696) ; Attention to metal materials Fushun Special Steel Co.Ltd(600399) , Western Superconducting Technologies Co.Ltd(688122) , Baoji Titanium Industry Co.Ltd(600456) , Gaona Aero Material Co.Ltd(300034) , Jiangsu Toland Alloy Co.Ltd(300855) ; Composite materials focus on Avic Aviation High-Technology Co.Ltd(600862) , Weihai Guangwei Composites Co.Ltd(300699) , Sinofibers Technology Co.Ltd(300777) . 2) The certainty of missile weapons and equipment benefits from practical military training, and the independent and controllable military electronics in the field of high-end equipment brings high growth. Pay attention to Beijing Yuanliu Hongyuan Electronic Technology Co.Ltd(603267) , China Zhenhua (Group) Science & Technology Co.Ltd(000733) , Avic Jonhon Optronic Technology Co.Ltd(002179) , Guizhou Space Appliance Co.Ltd(002025) , Chengdu Rml Technology Co.Ltd(301050) , etc.

weekly report of light industry manufacturing and textile and garment industry: optional consumption is significantly impacted by the epidemic pay attention to 618 promote the release of demand

With the weakening of the impact of the epidemic, online channels are expected to give priority to recovery, and the promotion in June is expected to usher in the centralized release of consumer demand. It is suggested to focus on the main line of steady growth & undervalued investment, and it is preferred to have α Attribute.

Seek “progress” in “change” and take the lead in subdividing the faucet. Furniture: focus on domestic market channel reform opportunities. Among them, it is suggested to pay attention to Oppein Home Group Inc(603833) , Suofeiya Home Collection Co.Ltd(002572) , Zbom Home Collection Co.Ltd(603801) , Goldenhome Living Co.Ltd(603180) ; It is suggested to pay attention to Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co.Ltd(603816) , Qumei Home Furnishings Group Co.Ltd(603818) etc. in the finished furniture sector.

Papermaking, packaging and printing: subdivide the track pattern and optimize the strong. It is suggested to pay attention to Shandong Sun Paper Co.Ltd(002078) , Shanying International Holdings Co.Ltd(600567) , Xianhe Co.Ltd(603733) , Quzhou Wuzhou Special Paper Co.Ltd(605007) , Chongqing Baiya Sanitary Products Co.Ltd(003006) , Hangzhou Haoyue Personal Care Co.Ltd(605009) , etc.

nonferrous metals industry weekly report: resource grabbing is white hot lithium resource value to be revalued

In 2022, the increment of global lithium resources is limited, and the prices of lithium concentrate and lithium salt imported from abroad have risen sharply. Having the control of upstream resources is particularly important in the current and future global industrial chain competition. Especially under the influence of geopolitics, obtaining the control of China’s lithium resources is the safest guarantee, especially the high-quality Chinese spodumene mine resources. We suggest that you pay attention to the [ Youngy Co.Ltd(002192) ], which is being mined in vein 134 of Ganzi Prefecture; [ Sichuan New Energy Power Company Limited(000155) ] about to be put into operation at Lijiagou spodumene mine in Aba Prefecture; [ Jiangxi Special Electric Motor Co.Ltd(002176) ], which is in the process of transferring exploration to mining of Xikeng lithium mica mine; The beneficiaries include [ Tianqi Lithium Corporation(002466) ] that the greenbushes mine has been increasing production in the next five years and can achieve large-scale production through OEM.

pharmaceutical industry weekly: “the 14th five year plan” national health plan issued ophthalmology and traditional Chinese medicine are expected to benefit

In terms of Ophthalmology, we believe that drugs and medical devices used for myopia prevention and control will continue to benefit. Drugs: Shenyang Xingqi Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(300573) (low concentration atropine in-hospital preparations have entered the stage of rapid growth, with obvious first mover advantage; atropine eye drops delay the progression of myopia in children, the indications are in clinical phase III, and the progress is in the leading position). Medical devices: 1 Autek China Inc(300595) (corneal shaping lens keeps growing rapidly); 2. Eyebright Medical Technology(Beijing) Co.Ltd(688050) (after the corneal shaping lens is approved, it can be used rapidly; the clinical pre-test results of defocus lens are excellent, which is expected to become a single product with great potential). In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, it is suggested to pay attention to: 1 The company has a sound sales system, is a leader in the research and development of innovative traditional Chinese medicine in all aspects, including theoretical research, new drug discovery and transformation, clinical trials, evidence-based medicine evidence accumulation, and has differentiated advantages in subdivided fields. It is suggested to pay attention to Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(002603) , Guiyang Xintian Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(002873) and Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(600557) ; (2) Companies with obvious channel advantages and fully verified sales ability are recommended to pay attention to Hubei Jumpcan Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(600566) .

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