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May 23 China Central Television News broadcast financial content collection

Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council

China Central Television network news (news broadcast): Recently, Premier Li Keqiang chaired an executive meeting of the State Council to further deploy a package of measures to stabilize the economy, strive to promote the economy back to normal track and ensure that it operates within a reasonable range.

The meeting pointed out that the current downward pressure on the economy continues to increase, and many market players are very difficult. Development is the foundation and key to solving all China’s problems. We should implement the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen confidence, respond decisively, fully implement the new development concept, effectively coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, accelerate the implementation of the policies determined by the central economic work conference and the government work report, and strengthen the implementation, and adopt a package of targeted, powerful and effective interval regulation measures in accordance with the overall thinking and policy orientation, so as to stabilize the basic economic situation.

The meeting decided to implement 33 measures in six aspects, mainly including: first, fiscal and related policies. In more industries, the total amount of stock and incremental tax rebates was retained, more than 140 billion yuan of tax rebates were increased, and 2.64 trillion yuan of tax rebates and reductions were made throughout the year. The policy of delaying the payment of pension and other social security fees for individual industrial and commercial households of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises and five special poverty-stricken industries will be extended to the end of the year, and extended to other special poverty-stricken industries. It is expected to delay the payment of 320 billion yuan this year. We will extend the unemployment insurance training subsidy to all enterprises in difficulty. The re guarantee cooperation business of the state financing guarantee fund increased by more than 1 trillion yuan. Second, financial policy. This year, the amount and proportion of inclusive small and micro loan support tools have doubled. Support banks to postpone the repayment of principal and interest within the year for individual industrial and commercial household loans, truck car loans, personal housing loans and consumer loans in distress for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises; The 90 billion yuan truck loan issued by central automobile enterprises should be extended by bank enterprise linkage for half a year. Third, stabilize the industrial chain and supply chain. Optimize the policy of returning to work and reaching production capacity. We will ensure the smooth flow of freight, remove restrictions on access from low-risk areas, and eliminate unreasonable height restrictions and charges. Increase China’s international passenger flights in an orderly manner. Fourth, promote consumption and effective investment. A phased reduction of 60 billion yuan in the purchase tax on some passenger cars. Urban policies support rigid and improved housing demand. A number of new water conservancy projects, especially large-scale water diversion and irrigation, transportation, reconstruction of old residential areas, underground comprehensive pipe gallery and other projects, have been started to guide banks to provide large-scale long-term loans. Fifth, ensure energy security. Implement the responsibility of local coal production and adjust the policy of increasing coal mine nuclear production capacity. Start another batch of energy projects. Sixth, we will do a good job in unemployment security, subsistence allowances and assistance to people in need, and timely start the linkage mechanism between social assistance and security standards and rising prices as appropriate.

The meeting stressed the need to enhance a sense of urgency and pay close attention to implementation. Relevant departments should refine the package of measures one by one as soon as possible and publish them for implementation. The State Council will supervise the implementation of local measures to stabilize the economy, and local governments should speed up the introduction of policies to stabilize the economy in line with local realities.

the central office and the State Council Office issued the implementation plan for rural construction

China Central Television network news (news broadcast): Recently, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the implementation plan of rural construction action and issued a notice requiring all regions and departments to earnestly implement it in combination with reality.

The plan points out that we should take the Xi Jinping new era socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance, give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, place rural construction in an important position of socialist modernization, comply with the farmers’ yearning for a better life, focus on the construction of inclusive, basic and comprehensive people’s livelihood, strengthen planning guidance, coordinate resource elements and mobilize all forces, We will strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure and public service system, establish a bottom-up implementation mechanism of villagers’ autonomy and farmers’ participation, do our best and act according to our ability, do one thing at a time, and strive to provide rural areas with better living conditions and build a beautiful countryside suitable for living, work and industry.

The working principles determined in the plan are: respecting the law and playing steadily; Adjust measures to local conditions and provide classified guidance; Pay attention to protection and embody characteristics; Government guidance and farmers’ participation; Pay equal attention to construction and management and long-term operation; Resource conservation and green construction.

The action goal of the plan is to make substantial progress in rural construction, continuously improve the rural living environment, make positive progress in the coverage and extension of rural public infrastructure to villages and households, steadily improve the level of basic public services in rural areas, significantly strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas, and further enhance farmers’ sense of access, happiness and security.

The plan defines 12 key tasks such as “strengthening the management of rural planning and construction”, and makes detailed arrangements for “Innovating the promotion mechanism of rural construction”, “strengthening policy support and factor guarantee” and “strengthening organizational leadership”.

the general office of the Central Military Commission issued the opinions on accelerating the reform and development of military Postgraduate Education

China Central Television network news (news broadcast): with the approval of the Central Military Commission, the general office of the Central Military Commission recently issued the “opinions on accelerating the reform and development of military postgraduate education” to comprehensively promote the reconstruction of the military postgraduate education system in the new era.

The opinions pointed out that we should adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, thoroughly implement Xi Jinping strengthening the military thought, thoroughly implement the strategy of strengthening the military with talents in the new era, adhere to building morality and cultivating people for war, adhere to demand traction and consistent training, adhere to the integration of command and technology, science and technology, adhere to quality-oriented and innovation guidance, optimize the structural layout of military postgraduate education, and innovate the training mode, Strict quality management, strengthen organizational leadership, comprehensively reshape the military postgraduate education system, and strive to cultivate and bring up a large number of high-level new military talents, so as to provide solid talent support for realizing the party’s goal of strengthening the military in the new era and building the people’s army into a world-class army.

[on the field of hope · three summer season] China’s summer oil harvest is good, and the unit yield is expected to reach a record high

China Central Television network news (news broadcast): according to the deployment of the central government on expanding the planting of soybeans and oil plants, the state will implement the project to improve the production capacity of soybeans and oil plants this year. At present, China’s summer harvest oil crops have achieved a bumper harvest, and the unit yield is expected to reach a record high.

In China, the summer harvest oil is mainly winter rape. At present, the national winter rape harvest has exceeded 90%. The Yangtze River Basin has the greatest potential for expanding oil production. This year, the central government subsidized 150 yuan per mu to promote the rotation mode of double cropping rice and winter rape in winter fallow fields. In the past, most of the 600 mu land of Cao Zhonglai, a farmer in Wangjiang, Anhui Province, only planted rice and rarely planted winter rape. With the encouragement of the central subsidy policy, he planted all the 600 mu land with Winter Rape after collecting rice last year.

In order to improve the oil production capacity and self-sufficiency rate, this year, the central government allocated more than 3 billion yuan for projects such as rewards for large oil producing counties, farmland rotation and green, high-quality and efficient actions to specifically support rape production. The area of summer harvest rape has achieved a restorative increase, which is expected to break through 100 million mu again since 2015.

At the same time, this year, the state promoted more than 20 varieties suitable for machine harvest, high oil and high yield, with an area of more than 95% of high-quality varieties, and implemented more than 30 sets of green and efficient technology modes such as no tillage direct seeding and segmented harvesting according to local conditions, so as to drive large-scale production and quality improvement.

The latest agricultural scheduling shows that winter rape has appropriate sowing date, high sowing quality and good foundation. In addition, the weather conditions are generally favorable, and the growth of rape is better than that of the previous year. According to the field investigation of experts, the unit yield of summer harvest rape is expected to reach a record high.

China webcast express

CCTV news (news broadcast):

National Village “two committees” have been fully completed

The reporter learned from relevant departments that the replacement of the National Village “two committees” since October 2020 has been completed, and 491000 village teams have been replaced. This is the first time that the term of office of the “two committees” of the village has been changed from three years to five years, 31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps have been carried out intensively, and carried out simultaneously with the change of counties and townships.

the people’s Bank of China successfully issued 25 billion yuan of central bank bills in Hong Kong

Today (May 23), the people’s Bank of China successfully issued 25 billion yuan of central bank bills in Hong Kong, including 10 billion yuan for three months, with a bid winning interest rate of 2.49%, 15 billion yuan for one year and a bid winning interest rate of 2.80%. Institutional investors from many countries and regions and international financial organizations actively subscribed, and the total amount of bids was close to 58 billion yuan, indicating that RMB assets are highly attractive to overseas investors.

overhaul of the whole line of UHV transmission channel across five provinces

Sichuan Yazhong to Jiangxi Nanchang UHV transmission channel has started full line maintenance. The maintenance personnel spent 13 days to check and eliminate hidden dangers one by one for 1711 km transmission lines across five provinces to ensure reliable power supply.

large-scale cultural program “starting from Yan’an” will be broadcast tonight

The large-scale cultural program “starting from Yan’an” launched by China Central Radio and Television Corporation in conjunction with 16 art troupes, colleges and performing institutions began broadcasting on the variety channel of China central television tonight (May 23). Based on the excellent works emerging after the Yan’an Literature and Art Symposium, the program connects the development context of Chinese literature and art in the past 80 years in the form of performance, and shows the outstanding achievements of literature and art in the new era.

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