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May 20 China Central Television News broadcast Financial Highlights

Xi Jinping delivered a video speech at the opening ceremony of the BRICs foreign ministers’ meeting

CCTV news (news broadcast): on May 19, president Xi Jinping delivered a video speech at the opening ceremony of the BRICs foreign ministers’ meeting.

Xi Jinping pointed out that at present, with the superimposed influence of the century’s changes and the century’s epidemic situation, the factors of instability, uncertainty and insecurity in the international situation are becoming increasingly prominent. However, the theme of the times of peace and development has not changed, the people’s pursuit of a better life has not changed, and the historical mission of the international community to work together in the same boat and win-win cooperation has not changed. As a positive, upward and constructive force of the international community, BRICs countries should strengthen their faith, face the storm, take practical actions to promote peaceful development, safeguard fairness and justice, advocate democracy and freedom, and inject stability and positive energy into international relations in a period of turbulence and change.

Xi Jinping stressed that history and reality tell us that one-sided pursuit of one’s own security at the expense of the security of other countries will only cause new contradictions and risks. In order to promote peace and security in the world, I recently put forward the global security initiative. BRICs countries should strengthen political mutual trust and security cooperation, closely communicate and coordinate on major international and regional issues, take care of each other’s core interests and major concerns, respect each other’s sovereignty, security and development interests, oppose hegemonism and power politics, resist cold war thinking and group confrontation, and jointly build a community of human security.

Xi Jinping stressed that development is the common task of emerging market countries and developing countries. In the face of current risks and challenges, it is more important than ever to strengthen unity and cooperation between emerging market countries and developing countries. The five countries should carry out dialogue and exchanges with more emerging market countries and developing countries, enhance understanding and mutual trust, tighten the ties of cooperation, deepen the integration of interests, make the cake of cooperation bigger and bigger, make the forces of progress stronger and stronger, and make greater contributions to the realization of the beautiful vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Li Keqiang attended the Symposium on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the China Council for the promotion of international trade

CCTV news (news broadcast): Premier Li Keqiang attended the Symposium on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the China Council for the promotion of international trade in Beijing on the 19th. Heads of nearly 30 industrial and commercial institutions and multinational corporations from the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN attended.

Li Keqiang said that since its establishment 70 years ago, CCPIT has played an important role in deepening China Foreign Economic and trade cooperation and enhanced the public opinion basis for cooperation between countries Xi Jinping in his video address at the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the CCPIT, the president indicated that China’s determination to expand high-level opening-up will not change.

Li Keqiang said that international economic and trade exchanges are an important engine to promote world economic growth and human development and progress, and their resilience and vitality are a strong force to overcome various difficulties and challenges. At present, the international and regional situation is undergoing profound and complex changes. The more difficult it is, the more we have to move forward. China is willing to work with other countries to adhere to free trade and fair trade, ensure the stability and smoothness of global industrial chains and supply chains, and better safeguard international and regional peace, stability, development and prosperity.

Li Keqiang said that as the largest developing country, China has been deeply integrated into the world economy. To develop advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, we still need to expand imports. China has a huge market potential and there is a lot of room for all kinds of investment. We are willing to achieve win-win and win-win cooperation with enterprises of other countries in mutually beneficial cooperation. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, China will help foreign enterprises in China solve the problems they encounter. The production and operation of the enterprise shall not stop. We will continue to provide better services in response to your general concerns.

Li Keqiang stressed that no matter how the international situation changes, China will unswervingly expand opening-up, deepen the reform of “decentralization, regulation and service”, create a market-oriented, legalized and international business environment, further relax market access, and continue to build China into a big market in the world and a hot land for foreign investment.

The foreign representatives attending the meeting were optimistic about China’s economic development prospects and expressed their willingness to continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with China, stabilize the global industrial chain and supply chain, and promote growth and prosperity through cooperation.

Before the meeting, Li Keqiang visited the 70th anniversary achievement exhibition of CCPIT.

Hu Chunhua, Xiao Jie and he Lifeng attended the meeting.

new era “opening up domestic and foreign trade and building a double cycle” issued

China Central Television network news (news broadcast): the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee held the fifth of a series of thematic press conferences on “China’s decade” today (May 20), introducing the relevant situation of “opening up domestic and foreign trade and building a double cycle” since the 18th CPC National Congress.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, under the guidance of Xi Jinping new era socialism with Chinese characteristics, China’s foreign trade development has made historic achievements and achieved historic changes.

In the past decade, new progress has been made in expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption. In 2021, the total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 44.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.1 times over 2012. While consumption has become the first driving force of economic growth for many years, the structure has been continuously optimized. In 2021, the national online retail sales increased by 9 times compared with 2012, and the number of new energy vehicles accounted for about half of the world.

In 2021, the contribution rate of consumption to economic growth was 65.4%, 10 percentage points higher than that in 2012.

In the past decade, new breakthroughs have been made in the construction of modern circulation system. A total of 1212 county-level logistics distribution centers have been built. Promote the construction of 428 “quarter hour convenient life circles” to serve more than 8 million community residents.

New steps have been taken in the high-quality development of foreign trade. The total import and export value of goods trade increased from 24.4 trillion yuan in 2012 to 39.1 trillion yuan in 2021, and the international market share increased from 10.4% to 13.5%. The position of the world’s largest country in goods trade was further consolidated. Over the past decade, the “circle of friends” of foreign trade has been expanding. From 2013 to 2021, the trade volume between China and countries along the “the Belt and Road” has expanded from US $1.04 trillion to US $1.8 trillion, an increase of 73%.

Over the past decade, the business environment at the port has been continuously optimized, and the number of regulatory certificates in import and export links has been reduced from 86 to 41. The overall customs clearance time at the end of 2021 has been reduced by more than half compared with that in 2017.

Over the past decade, China has implemented a fair competition policy and the market competition ecology has continued to improve. The average start-up time of enterprises is reduced from more than one month to less than four working days. The total number of market players increased from 55 million in 2012 to 158 million.

solidly promote common prosperity Summit Forum held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang

CCTV news (news broadcast): this morning (May 20), the Summit Forum on promoting common prosperity was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

With the theme of “solidly promoting common prosperity in high-quality development”, the forum held discussions in the form of Wuxi Online Offline Communication Information Technology Co.Ltd(300959) combination, exchanging experience and practices, interpreting policy opportunities and looking forward to development prospects. The forum also organized round table forums around the themes of “consolidating the foundation of common prosperity in promoting high-quality development”, “innovation of system and mechanism of common prosperity” and “practicing social responsibility in promoting common prosperity”. Heads of relevant government agencies, experts and scholars and heads of some enterprises exchanged and discussed.

Shanghai pays close attention to epidemic prevention and control, and orderly restores production and living order

CCTV news (News Network): Shanghai unswervingly adheres to the general policy of “dynamic zeroing”, pays close attention to the work of “reducing new growth and preventing rebound”, and promotes the orderly restoration of production and living order.

Yesterday (May 19), 184 local confirmed cases in Shanghai were discharged, and 2294 asymptomatic infections were relieved of medical observation.

At the press conference on covid-19 pneumonia epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai held today, relevant departments introduced that on the premise of keeping the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control, we will orderly promote the resumption of farmers’ markets in accordance with the requirements of “orderly liberalization, limited flow, effective control and classified management”. Implement one market one plan. The site management is divided into sections, the number of people on site is reasonably controlled and the gathering of personnel is reduced. The personnel of the wholesale market shall be subject to closed-loop management.

From the 22nd of this month, Shanghai will gradually restore cross regional public transport. The reporter learned from the Shanghai transportation department that 273 lines will be restored first, mainly serving the city’s airports, railway stations, class III hospitals and district central hospitals, and the lines and transport capacity of ground public transportation will be increased in due time according to the actual situation. At Shenkun road bus hub, the reporter saw that the staff were preparing for vehicle operation.

China webcast express

CCTV news (news broadcast):

5 year loan market quotation interest rate decreases by 15 basis points

The interest rate of loans with a term of more than 15.5% remained unchanged since the market announced the quotation of loans with a term of more than 15.5% in 2019, and the market interest rate remained unchanged for more than 15.5% in 2019. Structural interest rate cuts can reduce the financing costs of the real economy and support rigid and improved housing demand. This adjustment will have an impact on the newly issued and existing personal housing loans. For the newly issued personal housing loans, the minimum interest rate can reach 4.25% for the first house and 5.05% for the second house.

“measures for the implementation of the inclusion of the list of veterans and deeds in Local Chronicles (for Trial Implementation)” printed and distributed

Recently, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the China Local Chronicles steering group and other four departments jointly issued the implementation measures for the inclusion of the list of veterans and deeds in Local Chronicles (for Trial Implementation), clarifying the division of responsibilities of relevant military and local departments, and refining the requirements for inclusion conditions and procedures. We will strengthen the honor incentive system for veterans and create a strong atmosphere of respecting heroes and models in the whole society.

Baihetan Hydropower Station has completed the general assembly of all units

Today (May 20), the general assembly of unit 9 of Baihetan Hydropower Station was completed and entered the commissioning stage. So far, the general assembly of 16 million KW water turbine generator units of Baihetan Hydropower Station has been completed. After all hydropower stations are put into operation, the average annual power generation is expected to reach 62.4 billion kwh. At the same time, the 2080 km transmission line of the Baihetan UHV transmission project to Jiangsu is fully connected today.

the world’s first 100000 ton aquaculture vessel was delivered for operation

Today (May 20), the world’s first 100000 ton smart fishery large-scale breeding vessel “Guoxin 1” was delivered for operation in Qingdao, with a total length of 249.9 meters and a displacement of 130000 tons. It pioneered the “ship cabin breeding” mode, which can cruise in far-reaching waters for a long time, and carry out the breeding of famous and special species such as Pseudosciaena crocea and grouper, with an annual output of 3700 tons.

“zhurong” Mars rover enters sleep mode

Today (May 20), the lunar exploration and Changzheng Engineering Co.Ltd(603698) center of the National Space Administration announced that in order to cope with the strong dust weather in the landing area and the low temperature environment of Mars in winter, the “zhurong” Mars rover has switched to sleep mode on May 18 and is expected to resume normal work around December this year.

national medical insurance bureau announces the flight inspection of medical insurance fund in 2021

Yesterday (May 19), the national medical insurance administration announced that in 2021, multiple departments carried out joint flight inspection on 68 designated medical institutions in 29 provinces, and found problems such as swapping drugs and medical consumables, violating diagnosis and treatment norms, over inspection, over prescribing and repeated prescribing, which were suspected of using 503 million yuan of medical insurance fund in violation of laws and regulations. In terms of medical insurance management, there are some problems, such as chaotic management of medical insurance card, inadequate implementation of system management, non-standard management of medical records and so on.

United Nations global geographic information knowledge and innovation center established

The reporter learned from the Ministry of natural resources that the United Nations global geographic information knowledge and innovation center was established today (May 20). The center will fully mobilize the advantages, resources and strength of Member States and stakeholders, collect and share relevant data and information, and actively provide technical and capacity-building support for the international community to implement the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

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