Latest release! On April 7, the net outflow of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock connect was 608 million, and the leader was bought 401.2 million against the trend!

After AI express, the Shanghai stock index fell 1.42% on April 7. Northbound capital sold a net 608 million yuan today. Among them, the net purchase of Shanghai Stock connect was 639 million yuan and the net sale of Shenzhen Stock connect was 1.247 billion yuan.

On April 7, among the list of stocks with active transactions of northbound capital, 11 stocks were net purchased, and the largest amount was Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.Limited(300750) ( Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.Limited(300750) .sz, closing price: 495.22 yuan), with a net purchase of 401.2 million yuan; A total of 9 stocks were net sold, and the largest amount was Haier Smart Home Co.Ltd(600690) ( Haier Smart Home Co.Ltd(600690) .sh, closing price: 23.0 yuan), with a net sale of 178.9 million yuan.