The northward capital net buying throughout the day hit the year record after the Shanghai index shock or face directional choice

The broader market shock adjustment throughout the day, the GEM index led the decline, the Shanghai index 3100 points gained and lost. On the market, pharmaceutical stocks collectively reverse package rose, Chinese medicine stocks set off a wave of stops, Dali Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(603963) , Guangdong Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(002317) , Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(002603) and other more than 10 shares stopped. The real estate sector continued to rise on Friday, Gemdale Corporation(600383) , Seazen Holdings Co.Ltd(601155) , Macrolink Culturaltainment Development Co.Ltd(000620) and so on. Letter to create the concept of stocks after the afternoon movement, Net263 Ltd(002467) , Sunyard Technology Co.Ltd(600571) , Vtron Group Co.Ltd(002308) and other up, Beijing Jingyeda Technology Co.Ltd(003005) intraday record high. On the downside, the track stocks into adjustment, photovoltaic, lithium and other directions led the decline, Sunresin New Materials Co.Ltd Xi’An(300487) , Hainan Drinda Automotive Trim Co.Ltd(002865) and so on plunged. Overall stocks fell more up less, the two cities more than 2800 stocks fell. Shanghai and Shenzhen today’s turnover of 107.63 billion, compared with the previous trading day shrinkage of 146.8 billion. Sectors, Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical business, COVID-19 treatment, ophthalmic medical and other sectors rose, the airport, supply and marketing, TOPCON battery, salt lake lithium and other sectors fell.

In terms of sectorToday’s hot spots around the two major directions of medicine and real estate. First focus on the big pharmaceutical sector. You can see that Chinese medicine, COVID-19 treatment, pharmaceutical business are up in the top. 2022 November 11, the State Council issued a “notice on further optimization of COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic prevention and control measures scientific and precise prevention and control work” (the new “20”), the main emphasis on testing, vaccines, drugs important The new “20 articles” mainly emphasize the important attributes of tests, vaccines and drugs, and strengthen the construction of medical resources. The latest epidemic prevention and control notice has explained the construction of medical resources, COVID-19 vaccination coverage, COVID-19 drug stockpile and key population protection, emphasizing the importance of epidemic prevention and control tools. Guosheng Securities believes that the subsequent epidemic anti-epidemic toolkit will still be a very important part of the strategy, and the market may intensify the hype of self-driven anti-epidemic consumption, with subsequent focus on pharmacies, fever and cough anti-inflammatory OTC, respirators and other branches. In addition, in the post-epidemic era, the expansion of large hospitals and the quality improvement of primary hospitals will be accelerated, and medical devices and equipment have the opportunity to usher in new increments.

Analysis from the market perspective, in today’s COVID-19 medicine direction ushered in the strong repair, which may indicate that the current COVID-19 treatment concept is still the most recognized direction of the current funds, so in the funds to achieve a large number of change hands, the pharmaceutical sector is still expected to continue to be active. However, it should be noted that the recent traces of short term funds of medicine game each other, which may lead to further intensification of the recent wave of related stocks, so stand in the perspective of capital security at this time to chase up COVID-19 medicine direction of risk reward ratio or relatively low. If you still want to participate in the direction of medicine, you can focus on the extension branch of the upper COVID-19 drug concept is still at a relatively low level of self-driven anti-epidemic consumption.

Then focus on the other side of today’s market hot real estate and its industry chain, which Macrolink Culturaltainment Development Co.Ltd(000620) , Dehua Tb New Decoration Material Co.Ltd(002043) , Zhongtian services, Shenzhen Strongteam Decoration Engineering Co.Ltd(002989) , Yue Tai shares, Tande Co.Ltd(600665) , Seazen Holdings Co.Ltd(601155) and other 2 consecutive boards. News, Boc International (China) Co.Ltd(601696) that the bond financing support tool expression clear to strengthen support for private real estate, 250 billion such as the completion of the issue or effectively ease the pressure of large private enterprises real estate liquidity, significantly repair the stable real estate expectations, the banks, especially the real estate accounted for a relatively high shareholding system banks are outstanding benefits. In addition, in the steady growth policy continues to force, the policy is better than expected in the background, the economy is overly pessimistic expectations or repair. Subsequent real estate and its industrial chain and financial or still have upside. However, from today’s intraday trend, the market divergence is still obvious, the short term capital game is still intense, so so no prior layout investors, may wish to patiently wait for the direction of real estate divergence after finishing the right buy point when re-entering consideration is more prudent.

Individual stocksToday track stocks for the sector presented a more obvious drag, in which the new source of weight down, such as inverter leader Sungrow Power Supply Co.Ltd(300274) fell more than 7%, lithium leader Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.Limited(300750) fell more than 4%, Eve Energy Co.Ltd(300014) fell more than 6%, while the two lithium mining leader Ganfeng Lithium Co.Ltd(002460) and Tianqi Lithium Corporation(002466) both fell more than 4%. The continued weakness of the track stock is mainly limited by the market style, whether it is the previous letter to create, medicine or the recent real estate, the logic behind its rise are policy-driven superimposed on the fall deep repair, and the logic behind such a rise is reflected in the more obvious short term gaming style. More intuitively, the recent money-making effect is mainly concentrated in the main line of direction popular high standard. Therefore, from the current market style, the follow-up in the selection of individual stocks still first pay attention to small and medium-capitalization stocks mainly.

And from the short term market, although the height of today’s market plummeted to 3 consecutive boards. But the better is that the main line of direction of the high leading stocks ushered in the strong return of funds, which is the most iconic Guangdong Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(002317) again, Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(002603) , Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd(300436) , Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Company Limited(000756) and other stocks have also completed the reverse package, and the direction of the letter of creation, Beijing Jingyeda Technology Co.Ltd(003005) rose more than 6% to a new high share price, Net263 Ltd(002467) , Sunyard Technology Co.Ltd(600571) Vtron Group Co.Ltd(002308) and so on to stop. Therefore, before the collective ebb of these popular high markers, the main line sector is expected to continue to be active, in terms of short term arbitrage can pay attention to the relevant sector in the low complementary opportunities.

After market analysisAs of the close, the Shanghai index fell 0.13%, the Shenzhen index fell 0.24%, and the GEM index fell 1.25%. Northward funds throughout the day net buying 16.602 billion yuan, the largest single-day net buying in the year, including Shanghai Stock Exchange net buying 8.303 billion yuan, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange net buying 8.299 billion yuan.

Today’s market continued the more obvious divergence, in which the popular directions of medicine, real estate and letter creation continued to strengthen, while the track stocks continued the weakness of last week. After a large number of consecutive shocks in the Shanghai index, or face a choice of direction. It should be noted that in foreign capital hit the year’s largest single-day net buying, medicine and real estate two weight direction driven, the index still failed to form an obvious resonance, it can be seen that the current selling pressure of the market should not be taken lightly. Once the SSE index in tomorrow will last Friday’s low of 3070 effectively broken, then the short term or will return to finishing, the medium-term need to experience a period of shock bottoming.

Citic Securities Company Limited(600030) pointed out that the direction of anti-epidemic policy adjustment, external liquidity is expected to inflection point, geopolitical disturbances to improve the three factors have been clear, respectively, improve the fundamentals, valuation and risk appetite, A shares comprehensive repair market has been established, the market is easy to rise and difficult to fall, is still in the first half of the policy-driven, trading focus is expected to switch from policy expectations game to policy effect game, it is recommended to improve position balanced allocation, it is recommended Focus on the policy benefit more obvious precision prevention and control, real estate industry chain, the global liquidity inflection point three main lines.

In terms of individual stocks, up 2004, 822 less than the previous trading day. Excluding ST stocks and unopened new stocks, 64 up, 4 more than the previous trading day; 34 blowing up, 34 less than the previous trading day; 7 up for GEM stocks/STEM stocks, 5 more than the previous trading day; 0 down, same as the previous trading day.

Sentiment, with the index once again into finishing, today’s short-term sentiment indicators always appear to oscillate around the 0 axis ~ downturn area.

Market Highlights Focus1、National Energy Board: is now pressing ahead with the third batch of large wind power photovoltaic base project reviewFinancial news agency on November 14, the National Energy Board, deputy director of the Department of Development Planning Dong Wancheng 14 in the fourth quarter online press conference, the first batch of large wind power photovoltaic base has all started, the second batch of projects are being started one after another, is now pressing ahead with the third batch of project review.

2, the social credit system construction law public consultation intends to increase the malicious evasion of bank debts, insider trading and other illegal and untrustworthy behavior of disciplinary effortsFinancial News Agency on November 14, the National Development and Reform Commission, the People’s Bank of China in conjunction with members of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Social Credit System Construction and other relevant departments (units) to study and draft the “Social Credit System Construction Law of the People’s Republic of China (to the community for public comment)”, is now open for public comment. Opinions clearly, the administrative organs should strengthen the field of investment in the integrity of government affairs, in accordance with the law, the introduction of preferential policies, and strictly deliver on the promise. Financial sector authorities should increase the financial fraud, malicious bank debt evasion, insider trading, the manufacture and sale of fake insurance policies, fraudulent insurance fraud, disclosure of false information, illegal fund-raising, escape sets of fraudulent remittances, telecommunications network fraud and related illegal crimes and other illegal and untrustworthy behavior disciplinary efforts.

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