Zhu Shao woke up, returned to the Kai are here! This listed company 3.1 billion fixed increase was sought after public offering three quarter sweeping enthusiasm

A number of large rated increase settled, the third quarter public offering participation rebounded.

On September 29, Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) 3.1 billion yuan fixed increase listed. The fixed issue price of 103 yuan, as of September 30, Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) closing price of 105.58 yuan, fixed objects are realized floating profit. Specifically, Caitong Fund, Huaxia Fund, Harvest Fund, Fortune Fund and other public offerings were matched, including Zhu Shaosheng, returned to the Kai and other people in charge of the product.

As of the end of the third quarter, this year’s A-share market fund-raising scale of more than 3 billion yuan of fixed income projects more than 30. Entering the third quarter, as the equity market market heats up, the pace of public funds participating in fixed income is also accelerating. Whether in terms of quantity or amount, in the third quarter, public fundraising participation in fixed income has rebounded significantly from the previous period.

Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) 3.1 billion yuan of fixed income listedOn September 29, Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) the fixed increase was listed. The fixed issue price of 103 yuan, the number of additional shares for Xiangyang Boya Precision Industrial Equipments Co.Ltd(300971) million, the amount of funds raised for 3.1 billion yuan, the issue discount rate of 8.22%. It is worth noting that as of September 30, the closing price of Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) is 105.58 yuan, which is slightly higher than the issue price of the fixed issue and realized the floating profit.

As an intelligent platform technology provider, Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) this fixed increase has attracted the attention of a large number of investors, participated in this fixed increase and was allocated a large number of institutional investors, foreign institutions, including the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, UBS AG, JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, J.P. Morgan Securities plc, respectively, were allocated 140 million yuan, 340 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan. 340 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 0.9 billion yuan; public institutions including Caitong Fund, Huaxia Fund, Harvest Fund, HFT Fund, Nordic Fund, Xingzhi Global Fund, Fortune Fund, were allocated 340 million yuan, 350 million yuan, 296 million yuan, 98 million yuan, 106 million yuan, 220 million yuan, 140 million yuan; brokerage and brokerage capital management institutions including Ping An Capital Management, Guotai Junan Securities Co.Ltd(601211) securities, Citic Securities Company Limited(600030) , Gf Securities Co.Ltd(000776) , respectively, were allocated 100 million yuan, 99 million yuan, 212 million yuan, 0.9 billion yuan.

Source: Company announcement

It is worth noting that the public institutional investors are very enthusiastic about the participation of the fixed increase, a number of head public companies appear in the list of allotted, a number of well-known fund managers in the management of the products were also allotted. For example, Zhu Shaosheng, the fund manager of Fortune Fund, was allocated 970000 shares of Fortune Tianhui Selective Growth, 9 funds including Harvest Taihe and Harvest Emerging Industries managed by Gui Kai, the fund manager of Harvest Fund, were allocated a total of 1,233000 shares, and 12 funds including Xingquan Preferred Aggressive Three Months A and Xingquan Antai Stable Pension One Year Holding managed by Lin Guohuai, the fund manager of Xingzhi Global Fund, were allocated a total of 333000 shares. The proceeds from the offering will be used mainly for the purpose of raising funds for the purpose of the offering.

The issue of funds raised, mainly for Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) the entire vehicle operating system research and development projects, edge computing station research and development and industrialization projects, extended reality (XR) research and development and industrialization projects, distributed arithmetic network technology research and development projects and supplemental working capital.

Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) said, since its inception, the company has been the core of intelligent operating system technology, focusing on Linux, Android, RTOS, Hongmeng and other intelligent operating system underlying technology and application technology development, focusing on artificial intelligence key technology, to help and accelerate the productization of intelligent software, intelligent network-connected vehicles, intelligent Internet of Things and other fields and technological innovation, to empower the intelligent industry .In addition, in the software-defined cars, IoT “cloud – edge – end” integration and extended reality into the development of the fast lane and other trends, the intelligent industry is rapidly changing, the company as one of the operating system products and technology services leader, the future will continue to increase investment in product development, continue to explore potential markets, improve product capabilities, to further strengthen the company’s role in the intelligent networked vehicles. Further consolidate the company’s leading position in the intelligent networked vehicle business and intelligent Internet of Things business.

Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) believe that the issue to specific targets will help the company to further improve the company’s product structure, enhance the company’s research and development level, consolidate and strengthen the company’s position in the industry, provide momentum for the company’s future business development, and further build strong core competitiveness and sustainable profitability.

The third quarter public funds fixed increase participation enthusiasm reboundedAs of September 30, including Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) , including Thunder Software Technology Co.Ltd(300496) , the fund-raising scale of more than 3 billion yuan of fixed increase projects have 32, of which, the fund-raising scale of more than 10 billion yuan of fixed increase projects have 5, the largest Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.Limited(300750) fixed increase fund-raising 45 billion yuan, belongs to the A-share fixed increase in the “jumbo” level project. Several other projects with a fund-raising scale of more than 10 billion yuan are Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Limited(601018) , Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co.Ltd(601607) , Xinjiang Daqo New Energy Co.Ltd(688303) and China Merchants Port Group Co.Ltd(001872) , raising 14.1 billion yuan, 14 billion yuan, 11 billion yuan, 10.7 billion yuan respectively.

The size of the fund-raising between 5 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan of fixed projects there are six, including two financial institutions – China Greatwall Securities Co.Ltd(002939) and Sinolink Securities Co.Ltd(600109) .The fund-raising scale between 3 billion yuan to 5 billion yuan of fixed projects are 21, including Xinjiang Tianshan Cement Co.Ltd(000877) , Jiangsu Eastern Shenghong Co.Ltd(000301) , Henan Liliang Diamond Co.Ltd(301071) , Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co.Ltd(300568) , Xtc New Energy Materials(Xiamen) Co.Ltd(688778) , Shenzhen Dynanonic Co.Ltd(300769) , Kbc Corporation Ltd(688598) these seven listed companies are affiliated with the materials industry; Shanghai International Airport Co.Ltd(600009) , Guangzhou Port Company Limited(601228) , Juneyao Airlines Co.Ltd(603885) these 3 belong to the transport sector; Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co.Ltd(600196) , Aier Eye Hospital Group Co.Ltd(300015) , Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co.Ltd(603392) 3 listed companies belong to the medical pharmaceutical sector.

In the first three quarters of this year, the participation of public funds in the fixed income market has experienced some ups and downs. After the light trading in the second quarter, the enthusiasm of public fund raising participation in fixed income projects has rebounded significantly in the third quarter.

Specifically, during the first quarter, the most allocated Caitong Fund was allocated 50 times, with a cumulative investment of 6.3 billion yuan; followed by the Nordic Fund, which was allocated 38 times, with a cumulative investment of 3 billion yuan; the third ranked Huaxia Fund, which was allocated 14 times, with an investment of 1.2 billion yuan, and the Southern Fund, Xingzhi Fund and Jia Shi Fund also actively participated.

In the second quarter, with the shocks in the equity market, the issuance window of fixed income projects was postponed, and the participation of public funds in fixed income declined significantly. During the second quarter, Caitong Fund was allotted 21 times, with a cumulative investment of 3.9 billion yuan; Nordic Fund was allotted 20 times, with a cumulative investment of 2.1 billion yuan; and Huaxia Fund was allotted 12 times, with a cumulative investment of 1.7 billion yuan.

Since the third quarter, the valuation of the equity market has recovered, and the fixed income market has become active again. Caitong Fund was allotted 64 times during the third quarter, Nordic Fund was allotted 58 times, Huaxia Fund was allotted 27 times, and Xingzhi Global Fund, Southern Fund, CITIC Fund and Guangfa Fund also had a lot of participation. Caitong Fund was allocated 11.8 billion yuan, Nordic Fund was allocated 6.2 billion yuan, and Huaxia Fund was allocated 2.7 billion yuan.

Hu Kaiyuan, managing director of Caitong Fund’s investment banking department, said that the low number of fixed-income projects issued is related to pricing mechanisms, price expectations and other factors. On the one hand, as the market continues to adjust, the share price of some of the fixed-issue projects to be issued continues to be lower than the twenty-day average price, according to the pricing mechanism of the fixed-issue floor price, resulting in the convergence of discounts and weakening the issuance market conditions. On the other hand, some of the fixed-issue projects whose value was originally undervalued will somewhat reduce the issuer’s willingness to issue and somewhat amplify investors’ disagreement in timing as the market and individual stocks continue to adjust.

According to Hu Kaiyuan, the rebound in A-share market sentiment has had a positive impact on the fixed income market. It will not take too long for the supply of projects that was suppressed by the market environment in the first half of this year to return to normal, which will also make the supply of projects and investment demand gradually return to balance, thus moderately alleviating the problem of apparent convergence of actual issue discounts some time ago. Currently, there are many excellent investors in the fixed income market with the mentality of long-term participation and long-term allocation, using time to smooth out price fluctuations through a reasonable investment rhythm, thus continuing to capture market beta gains and fixed income discount gains.

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