The three major stock indexes fell across the board The core direction of the track but once again counter-trend strong Extreme hold style watch out for the risk of high level compensations!

The broader market shocks lower throughout the day, with the GEM index leading the decline. On the sector, pork stocks were strong throughout the day, Hunan Zhenghong Science And Technology Develop Co.Ltd(000702) up. Auto industry chain stocks active in the afternoon, automotive thermal management direction led the rise. Smart grid concept stocks surged higher in early trading, but then shocked back down. On the downside, the big consumption-related sectors collectively lower, Anhui Gujing Distillery Company Limited(000596) down more than 7%. Overall stocks fell more or less, the two cities more than 3,300 shares fell. The Shanghai and Shenzhen markets today’s turnover of 101.44 billion, compared with the previous trading day, a 7 billion volume.

In terms of sectorPlate on the view, the smart grid direction in the early morning was once sharply higher, but then fell slightly, which Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co.Ltd(002339) , Guodian Nanjing Automation Co.Ltd(600268) , Jiangsu Shemar Electric Co.Ltd(603530) and other stocks up. On the news, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on the new energy part, this meeting said it will increase efforts to plan and build a new energy supply and consumption system. Orient Securities Company Limited(600958) in the recent research report, said that the field of grid intelligence investment amount is huge, the number of downstream power companies is limited, the amount of procurement of individual customers is large, power companies in a strong position in the industry chain. Track marginal changes mainly include: (1) the Chinese market: the new energy-based power system to drive the grid to intelligent transformation; (2) overseas markets: “One Belt, One Road” has given rise to overseas market demand for smart grid. For the second half of 2022 outlook, the grid intelligence, operators and data centers and other tracks are relatively optimistic.

Back to the analysis of the sector, the intelligent grid itself still belongs to the relative track stocks in the direction of the relative backward, today’s rise by the news of the drive, its essence is still the funds for the new energy direction of the extended speculation. But it should be noted that yesterday’s strong semiconductor, consumer electronics, PCB board and other track low direction suffered a “day trip” market, in the context of high concentration of capital hold, low rotation of continuity or difficult to protect, so do not blindly chase up at this stage.

The automobile industry chain is active again today. The direction of the car, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp.Ltd(600418) intraday movement, once touched the stop, Chongqing Sokon Industry Group Stock Co.Ltd(601127) , Anhui Ankai Automobile Co.Ltd(000868) , Haima Automobile Co.Ltd(000572) and so on follow up. The reason for the recent funds to Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp.Ltd(600418) favorable, or with its hand in hand with Azure to explore the automotive industry foundry model (ODM/OEM).

In the field of high-end new energy vehicle manufacturing, JAC has completed the manufacturing and mass production of ES8, ES6 and EC6 models as Azera’s foundry, with approximately 93,000 units to be delivered in 2021. On this basis, the two parties continue to agree that from May 2021 to May 2024, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp.Ltd(600418) will continue to manufacture other Azera models such as ES8, ES6, EC6, ET7, etc. In addition, JAC has joined hands with Azera to build a joint venture plant in Hefei City and establish Jianglai Company, which will create a new “Jianglai Manufacturing” by integrating the advantages of both parties. “The company aims to provide customers with intelligent manufacturing and technical service solutions, build a new ecology of “advanced manufacturing + industrial internet”, and provide a strong guarantee for the company’s transformation into the new energy sector. Overall, the market believes that the current automotive industry as a whole is facing a global shortage of cores and batteries, technology companies vying for cross-border big changes, in this context, ODM / OEM such a form of OEM, not lost for a new sustainable development model.

On the other hand auto parts, and then set off a tide of stops, Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co.Ltd(000678) end back to seal the harvest of 6 consecutive boards, Xiamen Sunrise Wheel Group Co.Ltd(002593) 4 consecutive boards, Guangdong Delian Group Co.Ltd(002666) , Shandong Liancheng Precision Manufacturing Co.Ltd(002921) 2 consecutive boards, in addition to Invengo Information Technology Co.Ltd(002161) , Shanghai Pret Composites Co.Ltd(002324) , Songz Automobile Air Conditioning Co.Ltd(002454) , Sunrise Electronics, Ningbo Shenglong Automotive Powertrain System Co.Ltd(603178) and other stocks to stop. Sinolink Securities Co.Ltd(600109) that the new energy auto zero boom will continue to interpret, for parts from the intelligent penetration rate and localization rate perspective selection, focus on thermal management, chassis (suspension + brake), safety, micro-motor and other areas. Although the automotive industry chain in the medium and long term certainty is still greater, but need to pay attention to is that auto parts in this week always counter-trend to maintain strong, and today’s concentrated outbreak more sector sentiment tends to climax, next week or face the risk of divergence.

In addition, today’s consumer sector collective weakness, on the one hand, China’s repeated epidemic makes the overall recovery of the consumer market is not as good as the early market expectations, on the other hand, the current market shows an obvious stock game situation, in the core direction of the track continues to be strong background, consumption, medicine and other weak direction will naturally be subject to a certain amount of blood draw. At present, many consumer stocks medium-term trend has turned significantly weaker, in the context of the market style does not switch, the subsequent probability of the continuation of finishing, so for the short and medium-term style-oriented investors are still recommended with the trend for.

In terms of individual stocksFrom the distribution of the stop list, the current money-making effect of the coming market still pay attention to focus on ” Siasun Robot&Automation Co.Ltd(300024) “, “scenery storage” and “among the automotive industry chain”. Among them, Siasun Robot&Automation Co.Ltd(300024) the strongest, Shenzhen Zowee Technology.Co.Ltd(002369) 5 consecutive boards, Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent Transmission Co.Ltd(002896) , Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool Group Share Co.Ltd(000837) 3 boards, occupying half of the high continuous board shares. Overall, Siasun Robot&Automation Co.Ltd(300024) direction both trend stocks and short term tickets have continued a strong positive feedback of funds, and gradually independent of the track to become the current short term main line, so when the high shares can continue the strong next week, the follow-up can still pay attention to the board in the low complementary opportunities.

Another thing to note is that the current market is too concentrated in the money-making effect, the funds want to get excess benefit, only choose to hold in the core direction, but such an extreme hold, not only will make the high emotions become more and more fragile, but also intensify the valuation bubble of individual stocks. Coupled with Jiangxi Hengda Hi-Tech Co.Ltd(002591) again be nuclear, Jiangsu Tongrun Equipment Technology Co.Ltd(002150) and Shenzhen Hifuture Information Technology Co.Ltd(002168) and other high markers also gradually show negative feedback, high marker direction has gradually diverged, once the process of continued divergence of high stocks, triggering a collective ebb of market sentiment, still need to pay attention to the risk of high collective complementary fall.

After market analysisAs of the close, the Shanghai index fell 0.89%, the Shenzhen index fell 1.3%, and the GEM index fell 1.31%. Northbound funds net selling 1.719 billion yuan throughout the day; including Shanghai Stock Exchange net selling 395 million yuan, Shenzhen Stock Exchange net selling 1.324 billion yuan.

The three major stock indexes fell again today, with the GEM and the SZSI both hitting new lows since the pullback. And the main board also once again showed a downward trend in volume, and the daily KD formed in the 50 below the weak structure of the dead fork, to the current price structure, the probability of the subsequent fall below the previous wave low of 3226 is further enhanced. And once in the follow-up will be effectively broken, then the medium-term market will return to the weak structure of the shock walk, then the retracement of the time and space will be further elongated, still need to pay attention to the corresponding position control is appropriate.

Sentiment, up home 1387, 1526 less than the previous trading day. In the case of excluding ST shares, unopened new shares, up 59, 21 less than the previous trading day; blow up 30, 8 more than the previous trading day; GEM shares / science and technology board shares up 5, 2 less than the previous trading day; down 0, the same as the previous trading day.

Sentiment, market sentiment fell back as expected, with the general decline in the market, today’s market sentiment indicators always oscillate below the 0 axis line.

Market Highlights Focus1、Ministry of Commerce and other 13 departments: promote green and intelligent home appliances to the countrysideFinancial news agency July 29, the Ministry of Commerce and other 13 departments issued a notice to promote the consumption of green and intelligent home appliances a number of measures. Notice proposed to promote green and intelligent home appliances to the countryside. All localities can coordinate the use of county business construction action and other related funds, and actively guide enterprises to the county, township as the focus, renovation and upgrading of home appliance sales network, warehousing and distribution centers, after-sales maintenance and home appliance recycling and other service outlets. Encourage home appliance production and distribution enterprises to develop green and intelligent home appliances adapted to the characteristics of the rural market and the consumption needs of the elderly. Encourage places that are in a position to do so to give relevant policy support for the purchase of green and intelligent home appliances.

2、Rumor has it that Apple’s first AR/VR device is expected to start mass production in late 2022-early 2023“Science and Technology Board Daily” 29, according to reports, the supply chain revealed that Apple AR/VR headset devices are expected to start mass production at the end of 2022 – early 2023, the main release will fall in 2023, the upper and lower reaches of the supply chain has been a small amount of shipments and verification, and now one after another into the design verification test, the launch of the whole machine verification focus stage.