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[internal reference] China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: it will work with relevant departments to implement support policies to encourage mergers and acquisitions of small and medium-sized banks

daily selection

Xinhua News Agency: the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the implementation of the national cultural digitization strategy and issued a notice requiring all regions and departments to earnestly implement it in combination with the actual situation. The opinions clearly states that by the end of the 14th Five Year Plan period, cultural digital infrastructure and service platform will be basically completed, and a Wuxi Online Offline Communication Information Technology Co.Ltd(300959) integrated, interactive and three-dimensional cultural service supply system will be formed. By 2035, a national cultural big data system with physical distribution, logical correlation, fast link, efficient search, comprehensive sharing and key integration will be built, the panorama of Chinese culture will be presented, and the digital achievements of Chinese culture will be shared by the whole people. [details]

Xinhuanetco.Ltd(603888) : Premier Li Keqiang attended the Symposium on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the China Council for the promotion of international trade in Fanghua garden, Diaoyutai on the evening of May 19. Nearly 30 institutions and relevant heads of multinational corporations, including the National Commission for us China trade, 48 Group clubs in the UK, Korea trade and investment promotion commune, Malaysia China Business Council, EU Chamber of Commerce in China, Japan Chamber of Commerce in China and American Chamber of Commerce in China, attended the meeting. The symposium was held in the form of a combination of Wuxi Online Offline Communication Information Technology Co.Ltd(300959) and . [details]

safe: the State Administration of foreign exchange issued a notice on relevant measures to further promote the foreign exchange market to serve the real economy. It is mentioned that financial institutions should continue to strengthen the capacity-building of exchange rate risk management serving the real economy and guide customers to establish the concept of risk neutrality. In order to meet the uncertainty of the customer’s production and hedging business, the classification of foreign exchange hedging products should be consistent with the customer’s hedging demand, so as to reduce the risk tolerance of the enterprise. Pay attention to guiding customers to follow the exchange rate risk management principle with “value preservation” rather than “value appreciation” as the core, and focus on the main business, hedging and hedging. [details]

Securities Times: China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the notice on further exerting the function of capital market to support the accelerated recovery and development of areas and industries seriously affected by the epidemic on May 20. Through increasing direct financing support, implementing extension policy, optimizing supervision work arrangement and giving full play to the role of industry institutions, enterprises applied for IPO, listing on the Beijing stock exchange, refinancing, M & A Increase policy support in corporate bonds and asset securitization products. [details]

macro economy

China Central Television: recently, according to the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, taking into account the price trend of agricultural materials market and the situation of agricultural production, the central government issued a fund of 10 billion yuan to re issue one-time agricultural materials subsidies to farmers who actually grow grain, support summer harvest and autumn sowing production, alleviate the impact of increasing grain expenditure caused by the rise of agricultural materials prices, and further mobilize farmers’ enthusiasm for growing grain. [details]

Xinhuanetco.Ltd(603888) : recently, a set of impressive data on the new trend of foreign investment: the surplus of foreign exchange settlement and sales of banks in April was US $19 billion, equivalent to the monthly average level in the first quarter; The non banking sector had a surplus of foreign-related revenue and expenditure of US $16.2 billion, an increase of 57% month on month… In the face of the complex environment outside China, China’s net inflow of cross-border capital flows reflected the lasting attraction of the Chinese market to foreign capital. [details]

securities company China: may 20, the Shanghai Stock Exchange officially issued and implemented the guidelines for the application of the review rules for the issuance and listing of corporate bonds of Shanghai Stock Exchange No. 4 – scientific and technological innovation corporate bonds, marking the official landing of the varieties of scientific and technological innovation corporate bonds. The notice defines the scope of bond issuers and supports four types of issuers: Science and innovation enterprises, science and innovation upgrading, science and innovation investment and science and innovation incubation, covering from incubation “seeding” to small and medium-sized science and innovation and large mature enterprises in urgent need of industrial upgrading. [details]

Shanghai Securities News: the person in charge of relevant departments of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission said at the briefing of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on May 20 that in the next step, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will continue to further promote the reform and insurance of small and medium-sized rural banks and continuously enhance its ability to serve the real economy in accordance with the basic principles of stabilizing the overall situation, overall coordination, classified measures and accurate bomb removal. [details]

industry trends

financial Associated Press: Qingdao Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference to introduce that the theme consumption activity will be carried out from May 21 to October 31. When buying a car, you can enjoy a one-time subsidy of 3 Tcl Technology Group Corporation(000100) 00 yuan according to different models and different prices. The issuance of automobile consumption vouchers is currently being refined and improved, and will be launched in the near future to make it more convenient for citizens to buy cars. It will be specially released at the start. [details]

first finance and Economics: Chinese passenger flights operated by China Airlines will receive cash subsidies from the government if the revenue fails to cover the variable cost. The financial support policy for Chinese flights led by the Civil Aviation Administration of China will be implemented for two months, involving 4500 flights. At present, each airline company has reported the flight plan supported by the “minimum subsidy”, and how many “minimum subsidy flights” each airline company can fly in these two months is determined by the flight volume share of Chinese flights implemented by each airline company in the past month. [details]

China Fund News: under the soaring lithium price in the past two years, the auction of a “lithium mine” has reached a sky high price. At 7:43 on May 21, which lasted five days and nights, after 3448 bids, 3418 delays and a total of 970000 onlookers, 542857% of the equity of snowway mining was finally auctioned in JD. Tan Wei, a natural person, struggled to win with a transaction price of 2 billion yuan, which was nearly 600 times higher than the starting price of 3.35 million yuan, reaching 596 times! [details]

financial Associated Press: the general office of Henan Provincial People’s government issued guidance on further accelerating the development of new energy vehicle industry. By 2025, the annual output of new energy vehicles will exceed 1.5 million, accounting for more than 40% of the province’s automobile output. We will strive to build a 300 billion level new energy vehicle industry cluster, and strive to promote the province’s automobile output value to reach 500 billion yuan, the output value of parts and supporting facilities to reach 500 billion yuan The operating revenue from sales and value-added services reached 500 billion yuan.

The technical level, facility scale and operation quality of charging (changing) and hydrogenation (storage) in the province have been significantly improved. More than 5000 centralized charging (changing) power stations, more than 150000 charging piles and more than 100 hydrogenation stations have been built, realizing full coverage of key application areas. [details]

stock market focus

financial Associated Press: Shanghai Stock Index started a sustained rebound after hitting a stage low of 2863 points on April 27. As of the closing on May 20, the Shanghai stock index returned to above 3100 points, with a rebound range of more than 9% compared with the lowest point on April 27. It is worth mentioning that in the process of the index rebound, the market sentiment has also significantly warmed up, especially the new shares listed in May as an emotional weathervane showed a strong profit-making effect as a whole. According to statistics, a total of 10 new shares have been listed since May, and none of them have broken. Calculated at the highest price after listing, compared with the initial price, the highest profit of 6 new shares is more than 10000 yuan, of which the highest profit of Jiahuan technology, Prius and Zhongke Jiangnan is more than 15000 yuan. [details]

brokerage China: after the central bank and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission announced on May 15 that the lower limit of the first mortgage interest rate would be lowered by 20 basis points, on May 20, the five-year LPR would be lowered again within the year, and the lower limit of the individual first mortgage interest rate could be as low as 4.25%. For the real estate industry, the easing of policy is becoming stronger and stronger. However, the real estate market is still in a relatively depressed state, real estate enterprises also have great operating pressure, and the recovery of the real estate market still needs to be made in many ways. However, from the perspective of investment, under the background of “stable growth”, the real estate sector is relatively strong in this year’s volatile market. [details]

financial Associated Press: since the first confirmed case of monkeypox was reported in the UK on May 7, the epidemic has spread in the UK, Spain, the United States and other countries. As of press time, the latest news said that the first confirmed case was also found in Switzerland, and then the topic of monkeypox once appeared in the sixth hot search on Weibo. It is worth noting that, stimulated by the news of the outbreak of monkeypox in many countries, many related stock changes Shanghai Zj Bio-Tech Co.Ltd(688317) Friday was a 20cm limit, with a cumulative maximum increase of 25.26% in two days Daan Gene Co.Ltd(002030) , Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies Co.Ltd(688399) all rose by more than 5% in intraday trading. [details]

Securities Times website: Haitong Securities Company Limited(600837) strategy team reported on May 22 that the correlation between China and the US stock markets has increased since the opening of the Shanghai Hong Kong stock connect in November 2014, but it is still weakly correlated, with A-Shares falling significantly. Since the end of April this year, after the sharp decline of US stocks, A-Shares have not followed the decline, which is due to the dislocation of economic cycles between China and the United States and the different valuation positions of stock markets. The bottom of the 3-4-year cycle of A-Shares has appeared, and positive factors are accumulating. At this stage, new infrastructure is better, such as digital economy and low-carbon economy. In the future, we will gradually pay attention to consumption. [details]

subscription of new shares: xianglou new material, Rongyi precision

new bond subscription: none

IPO: none

new bond listing: Seiko convertible bond

corporate news

Fujian Aonong Biological Technology Group Incorporation Limited(603363) : since April, the average gross profit of pig sales has been significantly improved compared with the first quarter of this year

Jinke Property Group Co.Ltd(000656) : 0.85% of the shares held by the controlling shareholder were forcibly closed

Ruida Futures Co.Ltd(002961) : the controlling shareholder intends to purchase the company’s asset management products of no more than 100 million yuan

Beiqi Foton Motor Co.Ltd(600166) : received 90.74 million yuan of new energy vehicle promotion subsidy

Nanjing Inform Storage Equipment (Group) Co.Ltd(603066) : planning to issue shares to purchase assets, and the trading of shares was suspended

Suzhou Maxwell Technologies Co.Ltd(300751) : it is planned to invest 2.1 billion yuan to build Maiwei semiconductor equipment project

Beijing Shougang Co.Ltd(000959) : Baowu iron and Steel Group plans to reduce its shares by no more than 5%

Cosco Shipping Holdings Co.Ltd(601919) : controlling shareholders intend to increase their holdings of A-Shares and H shares of the company by RMB 1.5-3 billion

Gree Electric Appliances Inc.Of Zhuhai(000651) : to adjust the performance evaluation indicators of the first phase of employee stock ownership plan

It is proposed to establish a joint venture for the research and development of lithium related equipment

Power Construction Corporation Of China Ltd(Powerchina Ltd)(601669) : proposed to raise no more than 15 billion yuan

Will Semiconductor Co.Ltd.Shanghai(603501) : wholly owned enterprise plans to increase Ingenic Semiconductor Co.Ltd(300223) shares by no more than 4 billion yuan

Tianqi Lithium Corporation(002466) : joint stock company sqm achieved a net profit of 796 million US dollars in the first quarter

Tbea Co.Ltd(600089) : Xingtang 200MW photovoltaic project has been shut down and relevant investigation has not been completed

data list

Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Markets: on May 20, the three major indexes opened higher and strengthened in the afternoon. As of the close, the Shanghai index rose 1.6%, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 1.82% and the gem index rose 1.69%. In terms of sectors, coal, outdoor camping concept, non-ferrous metals, wine making, e-cigarettes and other sectors led the increase; Real estate development, education, pesticides and veterinary drugs, assembly and building concept energy sectors led the decline. More than 3400 stocks rose in the two cities, and more than 100 stocks rose by the daily limit.

Hong Kong stocks: Hong Kong stocks collectively closed higher, with Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index up 2.96%, Hang Seng technology index up 4.74%, Internet technology, medicine, energy and other sectors leading the rise, Yaoming biology up nearly 8%, leading the rise of blue chip, Xiaomi up more than 6%, and Alibaba up more than 5%.

Shanghai Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect: may 20, northbound capital made a substantial net purchase of 14.236 billion yuan, with the net purchase volume reaching a six-month high. Among them, the net purchase of Shanghai Stock connect was 10.374 billion yuan and that of Shenzhen Stock connect was 3.862 billion yuan.

Among the top ten traded stocks, China Merchants Bank Co.Ltd(600036) , Wuliangye Yibin Co.Ltd(000858) , Kweichow Moutai Co.Ltd(600519) received net purchases of 710 million yuan, 674 million yuan and 596 million yuan respectively Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.Limited(300750) was ranked first in net sales, with an amount of 275 million yuan Ganfeng Lithium Co.Ltd(002460) , Goertek Inc(002241) were sold for 233 million yuan and 180 million yuan respectively.

dragon and tiger list: on May 20, the largest net capital inflow was Hengdian Group Dmegc Magnetics Co.Ltd(002056) , with a net inflow of 309 million yuan on the third day. Data show that the stock closed within the daily limit, up 25.28% in the past three days. The top net inflow of funds was the net purchase of 157 million yuan by Shengang Zhejiang branch on the third day. A total of 18 stocks were involved in the institutional participation list, of which 7 were net bought by the institution, Hengdian Group Dmegc Magnetics Co.Ltd(002056) was the most bought, with a net purchase of 238 million yuan in three days. In addition, 11 shares were net sold by institutions, and Jinke Property Group Co.Ltd(000656) was sold the most, amounting to 315 million yuan.

margin trading : as of May 19, the balance of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 1526095 billion yuan, a decrease of 1.441 billion yuan compared with the previous trading day. Among them, the financing balance was 1446739 billion yuan, an increase of 312 million yuan over the previous trading day; The balance of securities lending was 79.356 billion yuan, a decrease of 1.753 billion yuan compared with the previous trading day.

Shibor: Shibor reported 1.3220% overnight, down 9.2 basis points; Shibor reported 1.6650% in seven days, up 1.1 basis points; Three month Shibor reported 2.0500%, down 1.7 basis points

foreign exchange

On May 20, the central parity rate of RMB was reported at 6.7487, up 37 points, and the central parity rate of the previous trading day was reported at 6.7524 The onshore RMB closed at 6.6740 against the US dollar at 16:30, up 938 points from the previous trading day

property market observation

. The reporter consulted the official wechat applet of Wuhan housing security and housing management service, and the above-mentioned four remote urban areas are no longer in the qualification verification area. In addition, Wuhan Economic Development Zone announced on its official microblog in the early morning of the 22nd that the zone had completely cancelled the housing purchase restriction policy, but the microblog was immediately deleted. In this regard, the staff of Wuhan housing security and Housing Administration said that the news was released by the economic development zone without authorization. [details]

daily economic news: hangzhou issued a notice on May 17, which carried out a number of optimization provisions for the real estate market, including “you can buy second-hand houses after settling down”, “social security for second-hand houses purchased without registered residence is changed from four years to one year”, “the only house is sold, and business tax is exempted after two years”, etc. Only five days after the new deal, the real estate market in Hangzhou has begun to show signs of recovery. [details]

21 finance and Economics: 5 on the afternoon of May 20, when an intermediary in Nanjing took customers to the municipal trading center to go through the transaction procedures, it was told that there was no need for house purchase certificate, and there was no need for house purchase certificate for local and foreign accounts, regardless of region and number of sets. However, this policy was soon stopped. As of the time of publication, the relevant departments of Nanjing Housing Administration Bureau have not responded to this; The Nanjing Housing Association first issued a document “our city will further strengthen the support for reasonable housing consumption” in the afternoon, which revealed that the relevant departments of Nanjing have implemented policies to further optimize and improve policies and measures such as talent purchase support, second-hand housing transactions, housing provident fund loans and so on. But this article was deleted around 17 PM. The information sent to buyers from the intermediary also shows that “due to the high degree of policy attention, the house purchase certificate still needs to be provided for the transfer of ownership tomorrow”. [details]

International Information

financial Associated Press: according to the Indian Ministry of Finance on May 21, in order to alleviate the high inflation level in India and China, the Indian government issued an import and export tariff adjustment policy for steel raw materials and products on May 22. Reduce the import tax rate of coking coal and coke from 2.5% and 5% to 0 tariff; The export tariff of hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated coils with a width of more than 600mm will be increased from 0% to 15%, and the export tariff of iron ore, pellet, pig iron, rod and wire and some stainless steel varieties will also be increased to varying degrees. [details]

China Central Television finance and Economics: recently, Korean people lamented that the price of a grilled pork in the restaurant had either increased or its weight had shrunk. At present, the price of streaky pork in South Korea has soared, which is known as “golden streaky pork”. According to the price publicity platform of animal products and food in South Korea, the national average retail price of 100 grams of streaky pork in South Korea is 2841 won, about 15 yuan, and about 75 yuan per kilogram, up 20% from last month. Some analysts pointed out that the current international grain prices are still rising, and the pressure on the vegetable basket of the Korean people will be greater in the second half of the year. [details]

China Central Television news client: local time on May 21, US President Biden signed the law on obtaining infant formula in 2022 during his visit to Asia. The access to infant formula act 2022 aims to ensure that families in need in the United States can continue to purchase infant formula with WIC benefits during supply chain problems such as public health emergencies or product recalls. WIC is a federal assistance program designed to provide special benefits and nutritional supplements to women, infants and children. The White House announced that the United States will ship about 1.5 million bottles of formula milk powder from Switzerland to Indiana for distribution this week. [details]

futures market

China Futures: China Commodity Futures mostly closed higher, with iron ore up more than 5%, Shanghai nickel, soda ash and coke up more than 4%, stainless steel and coking coal up more than 3%, rebar, palm oil, hot coil, Shanghai tin and apple up more than 2%, glass, ferrosilicon, soybean oil and Shanghai silver up more than 1%.

International Futures: wti June crude oil futures settlement price closed up $1.02, or 0.91%, to $113.23/barrel. Brent July crude oil futures closed up $0.51, or 0.46%, at $112.55 a barrel. The settlement price of Comex gold futures in June closed flat at US $184210/oz, rising 1.8% this week, ending the trend of falling for four weeks before

overseas index

U.S. stock market: U.S. Eastern time on Friday, out of concern about economic recession, U.S. stocks fell all the way after the opening. The S & P 500 index fell into a bear market at one time, but rose rapidly at the end of the day, resulting in a dramatic reversal. The three indexes rebounded out of the V-shaped rebound and closed mixed.

Specifically, the NASDAQ closed down 0.3% on Friday and fell 3.82% this week, hitting a weekly line of seven consecutive falls; The S & P 500 index rose slightly by 0.01% and fell 3.04% this week, setting a record of seven consecutive weekly declines, the longest consecutive decline since 2001; The Dow rose 0.03% and fell 2.9% this week, the longest decline since 1923.

European stock market: three major European stock indexes rose on the same day. In London, the average price index of 100 stocks in the financial times closed at 738998, up 87.24 points or 1.20% from the previous trading day. France Paris Stock Market CAC40 index closed at 628524, up 12.53 points or 0.20% over the previous trading day; Germany’s Frankfurt stock market DAX index closed at 1398191, up 99.61 points or 0.72% from the previous trading day.

Asia Pacific Stock Market: may 20, the Nikkei 225 index closed up 336.19 points, or 1.27%, at 2673903 points. South Korea’s Kospi index closed up 46.95 points, or 1.81%, at 263929.

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